Michelle Auyoung

B.S. Computer Science

Master's Candidate in Music Technology (Game Audio)

Interests include: Audio Programming, Game Audio Implementation/Scripting, Sound Design, Engine Programming, Rapid Prototyping

I am passionate about sounds and music in video games and excited to help develop the future of game audio technology and continue learning more about sound design in general!

Honors and Awards

- IGDA E3 2014 Scholar

- Microsoft XBOX Women In Gaming Awards Game Changer recipient - GDC 2015

- IGDA Foundation Women In Games Ambassador - GDC 2016, I Need Diverse Games Scholar


Unity based platformer game with music

Role: Sound Designer

Used GarageBand to create soundtrack of layered instrumental loops that are triggered corresponding to different player movements.

Click here to learn more about the game.


Invisible Monsters VR

I wanted to try designing a game that revolves around 3D audio as the game mechanic. Invisible spirits or monsters are moving towards the player, and the player needs to direct the flashlight with the phone's gyroscope through the Google Cardboard SDK for head tracking data. The player must localize the sounds these monsters make and reveal/vanquish them with the flashlight before they catch up to the player.

This project uses binaural filtering to create spatialized sound based on a room model, and audio sources that can be localized when the player turns his or her head/body.

I designed and developed the simple prototype with Unity, the 3Dception plugin by Two Big Ears, and Google Cardboard.



Galaxy 'Scape

This is the first time I built a game with Unity and used C#, FMOD, and the Leap Motion controller.

The focus of this game is to allow the player to be a performer and create his or her own celestial sound garden.

Using FMOD events and parameters, changes in the visuals are mapped to changes in audio. For example, when the player makes a created planet bigger, the pitch of the sound decreases with real-time manipulation.

Click here to learn more about my game.



Sound Design Samples

The following playlist has some sound design samples. The first is a reproduction of the Night Fury attack sound effect from How To Train Your Dragon, and I processed recordings of a train leaving the subway station.

The second and third samples are soundscapes I edited. The first is a dream-like soundscape using my own recordings from the street, my bathroom, and a video game music concert.

For the next soundscape, it is an eerie/creepy soundscape, which uses samples from free sound libraries.

The fourth track is a result of making music from an image using sonification. I mapped the brightness/intensity of each pixel to a pitch to generate a song for that image. I also layered extra synthesized samples from SuperCollider.


Monster Maker

this was a fun project I worked on to learn more about user interface design and coding a Flash game with ActionScript

I wanted to create something fun yet simple so that I could draw and develop the whole thing quickly while learning more about using Adobe Flash.

Go ahead and create your monster right here now!